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California AB 1825 Toolkit

California AB1825 requires employers with 50 or more workers or contractors to provide supervisors with training about California state and US federal harassment laws. Employers must follow specific training requirements under AB1825 to comply.
  • To view the complete text of AB 1825, Click here.
The California Fair Employment & Housing Commission adopted Final Proposed AB 1825 regulations on November 14, 2006. These regulations remain subject to review.

Follow these step by step instructions to comply with AB1825:

1. Prepare a training notification for email, or other distribution, to supervisors.
  • Notification must include language, information, and instructions required by AB 1825, and provide clear, step by step directions for completing the training.
  • Employers may customize and distribute the sample notification provided below.
  • Employers who do not use the sample notification must be sure to include the required language, information and instructions contained in the sample.
  • For a sample training notification, click here.
Reminder: Be sure to fill in the required contact information for the qualified person that superviors may contact to ask questions or discuss training related issues.

2. Attach the company anti-harassment policy to the training notification. Obtain a sample policy by clicking here.
  • As the notification states, supervisors are required to acknowledge, via email or other written confirmation, that they have read and understand the sexual harassment policy.
  • Track acknowledgements that supervisors have read and understand the policy, for compliance.
3. After supervisors complete the training, a certification of course completion with required tracking information is automatically emailed to the designated supervisor.

Print the email certification, along with a note to the file including the following:
  • Type of training: Interactive E-training.
  • Instructional Designers: Kit Goldman, Workplace Training Network and Nixon Peabody LLP.
4. Repeat this process for all new supervisors within 6 months of assuming supervisory duties.

Following are employers' critical requirements for AB1825 compliance:

Requirement: Companies doing business in California that have 50 or more employees (including full-time, part-time, and temporary workers) or contractors must provide supervisors located in California with two hours of harassment training every two years. The 50-employee threshold is met even if most employees and contractors work outside of California. New supervisors located in California must be trained within 6 months, and every two years thereafter.
  • These two hours may be completed in multiple sittings.
  • Training may be live, on-line, or via other audio, video, or computer technology.
Osha4less.com Solution: Employers can use Osha4less.com's 2-part program to satisfy the requirements of AB 1825 and its implementing regulations in an interesting and entertaining format.
  • "Sexual Harassment Part 1: Hostile Environment" is online now.
  • "Sexual Harassment Part 2: Quid Pro Quo & Retaliation" is online now.
Osha4less.com's 2-part program is AB 1825 compliant, when facilitated in strict accordance with the step by step instructions provided here.

Requirement: Training must be interactive, and be conducted/designed by an experienced trainer with knowledge and expertise in the prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Osha4less.com Solution: Osha4less.com's programs include interactive testing with direct feedback on each answer, and printable materials for use in interactive discussions. All WTN programs are designed and conducted by Workplace Training Network (WTN) President, Kit Goldman, nationally known trainer and subject matter expert for 2 decades, and by Nixon Peabody LLP, a national law firm with a leading employment law practice. Their collaboration provides the knowledge and expertise required by AB 1825.

Requirement: Employers must document training to track AB 1825 compliance. Records must include:
  • supervisor's name.
  • date of training.
  • type of training.
  • name of the trainer, educator or instructional designer.
Records must be retained for 2 years.

Osha4less.com Solution: Email certification of course completion with required tracking information is automatically sent to the designated H.R. person or supervisor.

Requirement: Employers using e-learning programs, such as Osha4less.com's online sexual harasment training, for AB1825 compliance must provide a link or directions for contacting trainers or educators within the company or with the e-learning provider. These trainers or educators must be available to answer questions and provide guidance and assistance on harassment training issues within a reasonable period of time after a question is asked, but no more than two business days after the question is asked.

Osha4less.com Solution: One option is to provide a qualified contact within the company, such as an H.R, legal, training or compliance professional. If such a person is not available, supervisors may e-mail Kit Goldman of Workplace Training Network (WTN): kit@workplacetrainingnetwork.com.
  • Companies seeking additional legal advice, counsel, or assistance may obtain such services through the offices of Nixon Peabody LLP. For these services please contact the Nixon Peabody Employment Law Group.

Employers must provide each supervisor with a copy of the company sexual harassment policy, or a sample anti-harassment policy, and require each supervisor to read and to acknowledge receipt of that policy.

Osha4less.com Solution: If a company sexual harassment policy cannot be provided, obtain a sample
policy by clicking here.